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Allscapes & Fencing LTD – How to make your fencing and fence panels last.



If you’ve just had your fencing replaced and you are now wondering how to keep your new panels in top condition Allscapes & Fencing LTD is here to help.


In short, the better you treat your fencing the longer it will last. One of the easiest maintenance procedures is to remove the layer of old, grey wood cells and expose a fresh new layer of wood. Use a power washer. Wooden fence panels should always be protected from the elements by using wood preservers and wood oils. Decking oil makes for an excellent fence treatment as it helps to keep the timber water resistant, supple, and often contain UV filters which help to protect the panels from the bleaching affect of the sun. Wood preservers and decking oils come in clear or a wide range of colours so getting the desired look should be no problem. A good quality exterior wood oil stain will preserve this new layer of fresh wood and also help prolong the life of your fence.


One of the other problems with wooden fencing you need to defend against is post ad wood rot. The better condition you keep you fencing the stronger and sturdier fence will be. Here are some tips to keep your fence in top condition.

  • Choose an outdoor wood stain that contains UV inhibitors and is designed to stand up to the elements. Again, Ronseal would be our choice.

  • Always make sure the wood is clean, dry and free of grease before you stain.

  • Before you apply the stain, always strip off any existing finish and completely sand the wood.

  • Apply the stain with a good quality 4 inch paintbrush or painting pad – Cheap paintbrushes will loose their bristles!

  • Always work with the grain and never paint the stain across it.

  • Use a smaller 2 inch paintbrush to get the stain into all cracks and crevices, between boards and around screws etc

  • Blend the edges of each application to prevent any streaking

  • Work quickly and don’t stop in the middle of a board to take a break.

  • And finally, always apply at least two coats.

  • It’s easier on you (and better for the paint) if you don’t work in direct sunlight or during the heat of the day in mid summer. Direct sun will dry the paint too fast and it won’t be able to soak into the timber and provide the proper protection.

  • The small rollers you can now buy are also a good option for painting the face of the fence boards. Some people find it’s easier on their wrists and shoulders than dragging a brush up and down. You could also go down the sprayer route, but my experience with these was a nightmare, it went everywhere and made a mess of next doors patio.

  • And with that said, make sure you take the time to speak to your neighbours! Just, make sure all parties are happy with what needs to be done before you start. Usually you’ll find they’ll buy the same stain to keep up appearances!


So if you’re in Clacton, Frinton, Walton, or Harwich and need your Fencing replaced call Allscapes & Fencing LTD for a fast effective service and a team with a wealth of experience.

Call us on 01255 751787














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