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February 15, 2018

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January 4, 2018

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Landscaping with your Dog in Mind

June 1, 2019

It is important to look after your garden, no matter how chaotic your household is. Your garden has a huge influence on what first impressions your home gives. If you take care of your garden, it will encourage you to make the most of your garden. However there are a few things to consider when it comes to landscaping. When landscaping you’ll need to make sure your furry friends are safe and happy, such as creating a dog-proof garden. This means you can ‘Grow Your Own’ without your pet uprooting them!


Here are some Top Tips on how to make your Garden Dog Friendly this Summer.




What to Remember
Pay attention to Grass Seeds

When it comes to landscaping effectively, it is important to remember dogs and grass seeds do not mix well. It can be tempting to put down grass seed after watching your dog destroy a lush green lawn in a matter of seconds! However grass seeds are a common problem for dogs during the summer months. They can be potentially dangerous for dogs if they get into their ears, eyes, paws and work their way under the skin. There are many ways you can keep your lawn healthy and dog safe at the same time, one being to make sure you cut your grass regularly. If you want to reseed your lawn, there must be restricted access for your dogs. To keep your lawn in good condition, a safe option is to treat it with fertiliser. While it dries, you will need to keep your dogs away from the area.


























Dog Friendly Zone

To prevent your furry friends destroying your much-loved plants, it’s a good idea to create an excluded area in the garden for your dogs to roam freely without the worry they’ll escape. By fencing them in, they aren’t exposed to any harmful plants or objects they could destroy, but still enjoy the outdoors at the same time. If you have a specific area for your dog, it gives you the opportunity to train your dog to urinate in a different location. So you can protect your lawn from urine damage and have peace of mind that your dog doesn’t end up in the neighbours garden.


Best Dog-only Areas

  • Comfort Zone

  • Water Zone

  • Potty Zone


Dog-Proof your Surfaces


As a dog owner, you want your pets to be able to roam the garden comfortably. This means making sure all outdoor surfaces are suitable for those much-loved dogs’ paws. Many common garden surfaces can be unsuitable for dogs. These include paving and decking which can often become slippery, as well as natural turf which can wear out over time. Surface materials shouldn’t cling to fur or get too hot.


It’s a fact that the majority of dogs love the cool and comfort of a lawn. One way to make your garden looking more attractive is to install a stone walkway. A stone walkway is a beautiful addition to the yard without posing any harm to dogs. Another dog-proof surface is Artificial grass. This is a great choice for those with destructive dogs, as they aren’t able to damage the turf.


Plants to Avoid

If you’re a lover of gardening, it’s important to know what you’re able to plant in your flower beds  When you have a dog, you need to learn what kinds of plants are in your garden and which ones could be poisonous to your pet. As dogs are prone to charging into the garden, there’s the risk they might decide to eat or destroy some plants. If you want to ‘Grow Your Own’, it’s advised to install sturdy borders to restrict your dog accessing them, but also remove anything which could be toxic to your pet.


Toxic Plants to Dogs:


  • Chrysanthemum

  • Aconite

  • Buttercup

  • Daffodil

  • Daphne

  • Delphinium

  • Hydrangea

  • Wisteria


Plant Dog-friendly Plants:


  • Snapdragons

  • Michaelmas daisies

  • Camellias

  • Honeysuckle

  • Lavender

  • Rose

  • Sunflowers

























Ideas for Dogs in the Garden

Aside from the precautions to take when landscaping with your dog in mind, there are excellent ideas to charm your dog in the garden. Not only is it important to keep your dog safe, but also happy and content.


  • Provide accessible Shade and Shelter

  • Plenty of water features

  • Area for play and exercise

  • Additional dog-friendly features

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